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How to Use Bella Folium Luxury Sanitizing Gel with Moisturizer Packets

by Bella Folium |

Bella Folium packets are easy to use. Here is a simple guide on how to use our Bella Folium packets. 

Bella Folium Packet with openingBefore you open the packet, identify the small square Bella Folium logo where the gel will pour out through a narrow opening.  


Tearing Bella Folium PacketKeep the packet upright with BF logo at the top as the gel pours out quickly. Tear the packet from either side indicated by the tiny notches. 


Pouring sanitizing gel into handsTurn packet over and pour gel from opening to control the desired amount into your hands. 


Rubbing hands togetherThoroughly rub sanitizing and moisturizing gel into your hands until it has evaporated. Discard packet after use. 

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